Hello to all!  What an incredible night we had in a small village of twenty five families.  We arrived at around 3:00 in the afternoon and left at about 9:00 pm.  There were many sick people in need of medicine.  The children were so excited to receive the balls, frisbees, small toys and of course CANDY!  We all decided that the thing that they enjoyed most was coloring and stickers!  We were very impressed with how well many of the children colored.  After we were done handing out medicine, we sang some songs for the people and then showed the “Jesus” film.  The native pastor here gave a sermon and then almost all recited the Salvation Prayer.  This was a very strong Christian community already – but many were still moved by the film and sermon.  The first thing we saw when we drove into the village was a church.  A group of children came forward after the sermon and received a spanish bible.  The smiles and tears on their faces after getting their bible- was AMAZING!


Hello to all!  What an incredible three days we have had!  It is hard to put into words all that we have experienced.  Four houses were built and dedicated – four different family dynamics, four different spiritual paths, all incredible to witness!  Enjoy the pictures of each team with the family that they built a house for.

Today, after house dedication, we traveled to the new mission base in Chimaltengo – where we will be staying for the remainder of our time.  Tomorrow, we switch gears and get ready for remote village medical clinics.

The flights went great on Monday and the team even landed in Guate a few minutes early.  A couple of the suitcases are arriving today, but they were village supplies and not needed until this weekend.  The group was carefully and SLOWLY checked in customs and everyone passed through fine, just a little later.  Thank you for praying them through.

Building went good yesterday and they put on stucco this morning.  Pray for them tomorrow as they dedicate the homes and pray specifically for those who are receiving the homes.

Team Georgetown will arrive in Guatemala at 1:22pm EDT on Monday, June 8.  Paradise Bound is preparing for God to advance His name through Team Georgetown!  Team Georgetown will be staying and building in the village La Bendicion.  La Bendicion is a very remote village of 52 families.  Last summer, teams stayed in the village for three days and nights for the building of 26 homes AND God’s Kingdom through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Words fail to describe the experiences of last year and Team Georgetown will experience the same.  Team Georgetown will also conduct two remote medical clinics/outreaches.

Watch here for pictures and updates from Team Georgetown but because they will be in La Bendicion for the first three days it may be Thursday or Friday before the first posts.

Most importantly … PRAY!